The War Room Mastermind is only open to those currently serving in or veterans of the United States military who served honorably.

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Your service to our nation--and willingness to put a little skin in the game--to take your life to the next level have gained you access to the War Room REI Mastermind!

Within this community, we have members who are just starting their journey, members who are a couple of years in and just hitting their stride, several members who are 7-figure earners, and even a couple of 8-figure entrepreneurs!

I firmly believe that if you hit the ground running, engage with others in the community, show up on group and squad calls, and take advantage of the resources afforded to you, this will be one of the best investments you ever make in yourself!

I can say without a doubt, this community has changed my life in all the right ways!

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Who We Are!

Dave is a Marine Corps veteran with a background in logistics (Motor Tuh!)

Dave invests in all things buy and hold, and has dabbled in some wholesaling and house flipping as well. He is also an entrepreneur, and "thought leader"...whatever that means these days.

More importantly, we (the collective War Room mastermind community) are a group of service members and veterans who are serious about achieving financial freedom--and helping others achieve financial freedom--so that we can live life to the fullest in all aspects!

Let's get you into the execution mode of your dream life!

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Private Facebook group and Circle Community!

Get access to our private Facebook group and community in order to engage with other successful military real estate investors from around the world!

Monthly group calls!

Every month we bring in a guest speaker to talk about things like mindset, taxes, marketing, etc. The Q&A time with these experts gives you a HUGE advantage! We also host member presentations, office hours, and a myriad of other calls!

Weekly squad calls!

Every week you and your squad meet virtually to keep each other accountable. One member will be in the hot-seat, where he/she receives feedback/solutions on struggles they are having!